13 years today

December 6, 2006. My sober birthday. The day Jesus stopped what He was doing to personally rebuke me. The day He told me, tonight, everything changes. And the night it did. I guess these things are supposed to start with Hi, I’m Bryce, I’m an alcoholic/addict. Or a grateful believer. An overcomer. Whatever. I’m a

God desires mercy…

I passed you in the hospital. I glanced at you, and smiled. And then a second time. And then, I could see something was off. Something was out of place, yet familiar. And for a brief second, I wanted to pray for you. But then the look on your face, it clicked. You were about

3 Months later…Time Marches On

Well, I’m still here.  The weather has changed from those sweltering 113 degrees the week she passed, into a few days of the 40s. I don’t feel stuck in neutral anymore, but…I don’t feel like my old self either. I’ve made a lot of excuses to draw into myself, and to my family the last

Revelation at Vicksburg: I’m not who I was.

Weight loss is an interesting animal.  It’s easy to say that distant friends notice, followed by close friends, followed by family, and then yourself…but noticing, and understanding are two different things. Cognitive dissonance, the concept that it gets in your head before it gets in your heart is a multi-faceted thing. I am fully aware