Will not God bring about…Growth?

Somewhere around middle to early 2010, my family and I discovered a little prayer room, in a house, in Arlington, TX. It was…different. We followed them from there, to an actual building, and then another building, and finally, years later when they were we, into a place of our own. According to Swarm, I’ve been

Still sober after all these years

It has been said that the most unnatural thing for an addict or alcoholic to do, is to be sober.  Not everyone subscribes to the “wired” differently theory.  I do.  I also subscribe to the Romans theory, which tells me I have been transformed, with my mind made new. Lil ol me got to be

It’s All Gonna Be OK

On July 13th, I left my house to pick up my son.  My other children were along for what we assumed to be an uneventful ride.  Only, it wasn’t. I got a call on the way that would change everything I knew about my faith, and my life.  MY dad called, and I answered saying