When is a cheat meal ok? Or a cheat drink? Or some cheat heroin?


I once heard a story about the difference between commitment and involvement was as simple as the difference between bacon, and eggs at breakfast.  The chicken is involved in your breakfast.  The pig, committed. A healthy lifestyle is no different.

It’s easy to stick to it when life is sailing along smoothly. When there are no Super Bowls. Road trips. Days you’re too sore to do much other than drag yourself out of bed. When the sun is shining, the coffee is perfect, the clothes are sorted, and you just want to thank God for another day on the Earth as His son or daughter, fasting is easy. Sticking to the way of eating, automatic. Getting to the gym, a given.

But, what about those times that all the variables are out of whack? The sun isn’t shining in your world? Tired. Sore. On the road. Whatever the excuses are, or life circumstance may be…there’s always an excuse to deviate off course, and there’s always a reason to stay the path.  “Stick and stay,” as we say.

Much of the problem can be solved when we understand that joy is an internal state of being, not dependent on external stimuli. You can have joy in all circumstances.  In fact, for believers, we should.  Yes, in tragedy and death, too.  You can mourn, and be joyful.  That doesn’t make sense in the natural, but in the big picture, I have joy.  Even when it’s hard. Even when I have life going on, that I feel I can’t share.  And right now, I do.  I have a few men I feel comfortable sharing with.

This has drifted, as I often do.  My point is, through it all…sometimes, the only thing I can muster up, is to worship the Lord.  And today, that means continuing on in a lifestyle that is pleasing to Him. Spurning gluttony, and keeping my eyes on the prize.  It would be easy to go home tonight, and numb out on pizza and cookie dough.  I could even justify it because, I’ll be in the gym the next 3 days.  But…I can play the tape forward.

If I make poor nutritional choices, I’ll wake up hungry. And sick.  I probably won’t make it to the gym.  Then I’ll shame myself, and to counter said shame, I’ll break my fast, and probably with something delicious and carb filled.  And I’ll carry on that way until probably post Spring Break.

And sadly, many reading this…if you knew the struggle of the hour, you would probably sign off on this.

You would say, with such good intention, well, gosh..you’re only human.  You have done so well, you deserve this.  But, why? Would you tell a porn addict that, well gosh…you probably deserve a little break.  It’s just a novel…it isn’t a movie after all! Would you tell an alcoholic, it’s been a year! You deserve a break, and you’ve done so well!! Or a heroin addict….sure, you deserve some time to numb out.  Go score some dope, you’ve been clean 6 months! Of course not. Yet you WOULD tell someone with an unhealthy relationship with food that they deserve a cheat meal.  That they’re only human.  Stop it.  Brutal honesty: You are killing us.  Your co-dependency, your Messiah complex….push them aside.  Speak truth into our lives.  I need someone to tell me, are you stupid? Do you WANT to orphan your children, and leave your wife behind due to an obesity related disease? Are you that selfish? I don’t need to be coddled, lied to, or have my nonsense signed off on.  Addiction is addiction is addiction.  There are no victory cigarettes after a year of smoke free living. We that suffer from this form of addiction need strong, Christ following lovers of God, that will speak with clarity, boldness, and the love of Christ.  We don’t need spineless co-dependents to come alongside and assist in our demise.  We need life…not excuses.  We are capable of conjuring u our own justification…we don’t need any help.

Yes, that was a little over the top.  and in the interest of self disclosure, I have had cheat meals.  But I do them under controlled atmospheres.  I will not do a spontaneous cheat meal.  It’s planned, and so is the following fast to return to ketosis. Because the reality is, while I have come a long way…I’m at a spot along the way.  I’m not at my “Destination.” When we drive to Key Largo, we make stops at Mobile, AL, as well as Orlando, FL.  They’re both nice spots…but believe me, the Keys are infinitely better.  I’m down 116 pounds…which is great. 200 pounds will be infinitely better.

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