I spoke it into life: I really did drop 100

So, I’m here.  By the grace of God, some determination, and some really intense work…I joined the “100 pound down” club.  This domain, is no longer a lie. I purchased it several years ago in the hopes I would “speak it into being,” and I did.  It just took a little longer than I expected.

I already felt complacency slip in this morning.  As I laid in bed, beginning to make an agreement with the thought that yes, at 5:45, the bed, with my wife, are where I should be.  And then, she ruined it all: “I’m so proud of how dedicated you have become.” Dang it.  So, I exhaled deeply, arose and began the next journey, to the next 100 pounds.

It wasn’t any different than the first 100: I battled with food choices. Crossfit sucked. I spent the day tired and sore. And, I’ll do it again tomorrow. I’ll do it because, I need to.  Because my body is a temple, and I will treat it as such. I will make it a priority because if I don’t, other things will creep in, and my zeal will fade.

I have a lot of why’s.  But for today, my why is, I don’t want to die with unfinished business on the table. I want to honor God.  I want to do right by my wife, and children.  I want to see them do right, by God, and their family. I’m going to lose that next 200, and then, I’ll write that book.  No one really cares about the thoughts of a dude that lost 100, and still needs to lose another 100.  But someone that lost 200…they have thoughts worth listening to.

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