25 to Life: Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures. Or, how a fat dude found Crossfit.

So, here I sit again. 25 away from losing 100 pounds. I’ve been here before, when I purchased this domain. Got within 9 pounds even, before I allowed one of life’s roadblocks to trip me up. I want to be honest, and share what got me to here, and where here is.

Around October of last year, I began to feel a burden for my health. Downsize Fitness had closed long ago, and my ability to maintain on my own was a laughable joke of the past. I was back to my beginning weight, plus a few dozen. And I was scared. Tired. Swollen. And almost desperate. I called 50 places trying to find what I had experienced at Downsize, and nothing really clicked. After a few weeks, the desperation faded, and I went back to ignoring the reality of mu situation. I was sick, and getting sicker.

By Turkey Day, I was swollen, sick, and finally sick and tired of being sick and tired. Out of breath constantly. Tired. Beat down. Tying my shoes was laborious, at best. But I knew if I didn’t do something, I was going to leave this Earth far sooner than Jesus would have me do so. I wasn’t almost desperate: I was absolutely desperate. So I humbled myself, and contacted Chris Smith and Brad Love, old Advocare connections. They in turn promptly connected me to Codi and Manda Morris, co-owners of Crossfit 116. Codi was, interesting. Codi handled me in much the way I have handled countless alcoholics and addicts that have come to me for help. Blunt. To the point. Serious. A little scary. But, I was in. Sold. I knew if I left there without being a member of that gym that come Monday, this “Frothy emotional appeal,” as we say, would pass, and me and about 200 carbs would party down Monday.

Monday came, and fear like nothing else struck. So many reasons not to go. So much fear and doubt. Being a fat dude going to a gym, any gym, is rough. But Crossfit? Wow. I had no idea how I had gotten myself into the mess I was in but I knew death was a poor decision away. So I got up, and I went. I’m not sure if showing up to Great Lakes for Basic was more terrifying, or that first day. I made it through several weeks, in spite of literally having to go home, and sleep till noon after each workout those first few months. But the cloud had lifted. Life was an option again.

Unfortunately, I was still battling some food demons, and to be honest still am. My portion sizes weren’t changing, and my sugar addiction was still in high gear. All that said, I regressed after initial success. Spring Break was great, from the stand point of being able to do more. But, I kinda went sugar crazy. And, for all my work and better health, my weight was only down about 15 pounds. Dang it.

And then, I guess the switch clicked. I spoke to doctors, friends, nutritionists, people that had success, and I had a few realizations.
1. Sugar was not my friend.
2. Carbs are not my friend.
3. Supplements need to be back in my life.

I set forward then, and jumped on a modified Keto/Primal plan. Less than 20 carbs a day, high fat, high protein, low carb. Pretty much the opposite of what the Standard American Diet preaches that we should undertake, for good health. And what’s happening now? I eat eggs, bacon, butter, salad, fish, chicken, and a little bit of coffee now and then. I don’t really eat carbs. I really don’t care for sugar. I mean, I have 3 dark chocolate bars that have literally sat for 2 months. I got back on Advocare supplements, and I added in MCT Oil.

So, what’s the point?
1. Anyone can do this.
2. You can’t outwork bad nutrition.
3. Supplementation matters.
4. Keto type ways of eating are not unhealthy. My blood pressure, pulse, and other vital measurable levels are all down, and within a “healthy” range. (I typically see my pulse in the 60s while resting.)
5. Light, diet, skim, low fat, or what ever simply means full of crap. Eat the butter. If you must drink the milk, do it organically, though I prefer coconut milk. But avoid the previous words.

I am standing on a slippery slope. If I relapse on sugar, I can lose sight of the things important to me today. 100 pounds is NOT my goal. It’s a rest stop on the journey. 100 pounds doesn’t define me. My weight doesn’t define me. I am a child of God, loved by Jesus. And I have a lot of work to do. I hope this blessed someone. If you want to talk about where to start, call me, contact me, or whatever. I’ll be glad to chat with ya. I barely know what I’m doing, but there is power in numbers. I can share my experience, strength, and hope, and I can refer you to really smart people. I’m a connector. And I’d love to bless you.

God bless.

Oh, a few shout outs:
Crossfit 116 These guys are awesome. I can’t be grateful enough for them.
Advocare Supplements. Thank God for Advocare. Supplements make a difference. Period.
People…Codi and Manda Morris. All of the 6:30 AM crew. Jeremy Jarvis. Carrie Eastwood. Emily English. My wife, Jennifer Hudnall, and my kids.

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